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Bacterial Growth Curves using a Spectrophotometer (Turbidimetric Determination)

Posted by Protein Man on Nov 28, 2017 2:35:00 PM

Bacteria are as interesting as they are diverse. Though tiny, these unicellular life forms make huge contributions to many systems and cycles. From helping break down food in your intestine; to making the molecular assist in all three of the carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen cycles -- these little bacteria can accomplish big things. Unsurprisingly, bacteria are model organisms for research. Not only because of their diversity, but also because they are easily contained and reproduce quickly. When using bacteria for research, it is important to understand and track rates of bacterial growth within a sample. 

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Topics: Molecular Biology

Speed Up Protein Purification with FastPure™ Spin Columns

Posted by Protein Man on Nov 15, 2017 11:33:00 AM

Affinity chomatography is a routinely used technique for purifying or enriching a protein or molecule of interest through its specific binding affinity. The target protein adheres to a particular ligand that has been immobilized on a solid support (usually beaded agarose resin). This process produces high selectivity, resolution, and capacity for the protein of interest. Traditionally, affinity chromatography is performed in column format. Where the sample is applied and eluted by gravity flow through a packed resin bed of one to several milliliters. However, gravity flow columns are time consuming and require constant attention while supernatant filters through the column and resin. This process can be accelerated with G-Biosciences’ FastPure™ Spin Columns (Mini and Midi) specifically designed for simple and efficient small scale protein purifications. FastPure™ Spin Columns combine the effectiveness of gel filtration, and the speed of centrifugation for quick and reliable protein purification.

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Overcome effects of detergents & reducing agents in protein estimation

Posted by Protein Man on Nov 7, 2017 3:48:18 PM

Accurate protein quantitation is an integral part of any laboratory workflow involving protein purification, electrophoresis, cell biology, molecular biology, and other research applications. Careful consideration must be taken when choosing the appropriate protein quantitation assay for a specific protein sample. There are many protein assays to choose from, but all protein assays are adversely affected by interfering substances (such as detergents, reducing agents, and chaotropic agents) which are often used in the preparation of protein samples. To overcome the limitations of these interfering substances, G-Biosciences’ developed a proprietary Universal Protein Precipitating Agent (UPPA™) for use with their CL (Compatible Lowry) Protein Assay.

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Topics: Protein Estimation

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